Huntington Beach Therapists Psychologists Counseling TMS

Huntington Beach Therapists Psychologists Counseling TMS

Huntington Beach Therapists and TMS Specialists for Depression and Anxiety

Struggling with a mental health disorder such as major depression can often make you feel like you are literally drowning.  Each day presents challenges to complete even the most basic tasks because you just feel exhausted, unmotivated, and sad. You may feel unable to push your way out of it, even after trying a few different antidepressants.  Literally nothing seems to help. What you would give to latch on to a life preserver and pull yourself out of this persistently gray existence defined by the symptoms of depression.

Fortunately, there is renewed hope in finding relief for this type of treatment-resistant depression.  Increasingly, the medial community is finding that the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in conjunction with targeted talk therapy offers a powerful new integrated treatment measure for even the most persistent cases of major depression.  

Huntington Beach Therapists Provide Counseling

At the root of depression can be a source of deep emotional distress resulting from a former trauma or major loss.  The world is so fast-paced and demanding that people end up stuffing the feelings of fear and grief deep into their psyches, never fully processing the impact the event has had on them.  The pain just sits there, festering, as we try to go on with our normal life activities. Eventually, however, there has to be a day of reckoning. This may come when the depression, which also comes with coexisting anxiety disorder, literally engulfs the individual.

Working through underlying emotional pain with a Huntington Beach psychologist can open up the door to discovering the source of the distress.  A skilled counseling professional can guide the individual through the maze of residual emotions, such as anger, sorrow, feelings of betrayal, and lingering fear of the people, places, or triggers related to the painful event.   

Huntington Beach TMS Therapy

One of the most exciting developments in the treatment of depression, including co-occurring anxiety, is TMS therapy.  This electromagnetic brain stimulation technology was FDA cleared in 2008 for treating patients who were unresponsive to traditional antidepressant therapy.  TMS is noninvasive, therefore requires no sedation and has very few adverse side effects.

During the TMS treatment regimen of about 4-6 weeks, the individual receives therapy five days per week.  Each session is 40 minutes in duration and the individual is completely alert during the therapy. A coil is positioned over the scalp to target the specific brain region that regulates mood, and the magnetic pulses delivered through the coil induce electrical currents.  These currents then stimulate the underactive brain cells in the limbic system, eventually resetting brain chemistry and improving overall mood.

TMS Therapy Combined With Talk Therapy

When the individual talk therapy is combined with the TMS therapy, exciting things happen.  Through the efforts of the Huntington Beach therapist the individual is examining underlying pain or events that may contribute to their depression and anxiety.  Through the TMS therapy, the brain chemistry issue that may also be at the root of the mood disorders is corrected.

Patients receiving this dual approach to treating their mental health disorders will likely begin to see real results after about 2 weeks of treatment.  Initially, the patient will begin to notice they have better sleep quality. Following that, as the treatments progress, they will experience higher levels of energy and sharper concentration abilities.  By the end of the treatment program the individual will likely experience overall improved mood.

Anew Era TMS Provides Huntington Beach Therapists, Counseling, and TMS Services

Anew Era TMS is a leading provider of TMS therapy and Huntington Beach therapists for treating major depressive disorder and co-occurring anxiety disorder.  The Huntington Beach psychologists who use TMS to enhance the effects of talk therapy are instrumental in providing relief from the symptoms of depression and anxiety using this integrated approach.  For more information about these therapies, please contact Anew Era TMS today at (885) 503-1549.

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