feeling depressed after rehab

How Common is Feeling Depressed After Rehab?

Adjusting to life in recovery can be surprisingly difficult. Before going off to rehab, you looked forward to seeing things turn around on the other side. You envisioned a stable, healthy, productive life awaiting you once you completed the detox and treatment program. So, when you find yourself feeling depressed after rehab it can be […]

How much does the VA pay for depression

How Much Does the VA Pay for Depression Treatment?

Many who sacrifice everything in order to serve in our military find themselves struggling later with mental health issues. While PTSD is the most widely known mental health disorder associated with members of the armed forces, depression is also experienced by many of our veterans. Unchecked depression can lead to worsening symptoms, deteriorating health, substance […]

tms and pharmacology

TMS and Pharmacology Helps Treatment- Resistant Depression

Depression. That one little word is responsible for so much suffering, so much despair. Unlike a common health condition where you just go to the doctor and receive medicine that will cure it, depression often defies treatment efforts. Depression continues to be a mysterious, complex mental health disorder that challenges the psychiatric community at large […]

Holistic Approach to Treatment Resistant Depression

Holistic Approach to Treatment Resistant Depression

As mounting evidence reveals the fact that antidepressants are not the one-stop fix for depression as was formerly thought, new hybrids of integrated treatment approaches are emerging. Science has shown that only 50%-70% of patients are responsive to antidepressant drug therapy, prompting mental health practitioners to consider innovative alternative options. Forging a new path to […]

when depression doesn't go away

What to Do When Depression Doesn’t Go Away

When we think about being ill, we might picture ourselves shivering with a fever under the covers. When we are sick with a health event we are down for the count, unable to do pretty much anything. We languish in bed and skip work. We are surly and frustrated because all we want to do […]

recovery from depression after addiction

Recovery From Depression After Addiction Treatment

Depression often coexists with substance use disorders. Depression symptoms may have developed after someone has become chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol, or this common mental health disorder may have preceded the substance abuse. In many case, individuals struggling with depression will often use alcohol or drugs to help mask the negative effects of the […]

mental health austin tx

Treatment for Mental Health Austin, Texas

Maybe a recent event has left you saddled with stubborn depression symptoms. Perhaps a long ago trauma has haunted you, leaving you with persistent insomnia or interpersonal problems. Or maybe, out of nowhere, you have developed a panic disorder. Whatever the cause or outcome of the psychological problem, getting the professional expertise of a mental […]

Depression Causing Weight Gain

Depression Causing Weight Gain

It is hard enough facing each day feeling the effects of depression. Depression can leave you feeling depleted in spirit, absent of energy, and completely disheartened. But add weight gain to the scenario, which is a common symptom of depression, and now you feel both miserable and chubby. Changes in eating habits, along with fatigue […]

ketamine for depression treatment

Choosing TMS Over Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Someone who has struggled with depression for years is likely to be open to any treatment possibility that might offer some much sought after relief. In many cases, antidepressant drug therapy is either not effective at all, or may be only modestly effective in successfully alleviating depression symptoms. Leaving these treatment-resistant individuals to enduring ongoing […]

Does Aetna Insurance Cover TMS Therapy

Does Aetna Insurance Cover TMS Therapy?

TMS therapy is gaining traction as more and more people struggling with medication-resistant major depressive disorder (MDD) discover this safe and effective alternative treatment. Individuals who had suffered the effects of depression, but who found no relief from conventional antidepressant therapy, now have renewed hope with TMS therapy. As TMS therapy continues to achieve amazing […]