resources for veterans with mental illness

Resources for Veterans With Mental Illness

One issue that should matter to every American citizen is the health and wellbeing of our military. Whether they are active duty or veterans, having important sources of help to manage a mental health disorder is imperative. These individuals have put their lives on the line in many cases, selflessly serving the country for our […]

crippling depression symptoms

Treating Crippling Depression Symptoms With TMS

Depression is a complex and mysterious mental health disorder that affects over 16 million U.S. adults each year. While in some cases the advent of a depressive episode may be linked to distressing life events, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, or a serious medical diagnosis, it is […]

Recovering from Mental Trauma

Recovering From Mental Trauma

No matter how resilient to life’s ups and downs we believe we are, everyone has limits to the level of emotional trauma they can absorb and process. Experiencing a traumatic event can have lasting psychological effects that have the potential to radically impair one’s daily functioning. Although we might tell ourselves to just “shake it […]

depression and ptsd in veterans

Depression and PTSD in Veterans

Military veterans attempting to re-enter civilian life may encounter a variety of challenges. Military life is highly structured and regulated, so returning to regular civilization can be difficult. One prevailing problem our veterans face upon returning home is the presence of co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Depression and PTSD in veterans has become a […]

TMS Therapy for Alcoholism

TMS Therapy for Alcoholism and Co-Occurring Depression

Alcoholism and depression is a very common dual diagnosis. Individuals who struggle with alcoholism may develop depression as a result of the many adverse consequences of their addiction, often in the wake of losing a job, enduring a divorce, or some other deeply upsetting situation. On the other had, those who are battling depression often […]

options when antidepressants don't work

Options When Antidepressants Don’t Work

Major depressive disorder can hit hard, its debilitating symptoms boring in and impacting every facet of a person’s life. This severe depression bears a distinct difference from the occasional bout of the blues following a difficult life event, such as a romantic breakup, loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one. While […]

antidepressant side effects comparison

Antidepressant Side Effects Comparison to TMS Therapy

What can be more frustrating than suffering day in and day out with persistent depression, only to find no intervention that seems to work? With one antidepressant trial after another, not only did they not relieve the awful symptoms of depression, but instead were rife with highly unpleasant side effects. It is no wonder that […]

energy drinks and mental health

Energy Drinks and Mental Health

Over the past few decades, the creation of energy drinks formulated to boost your adrenaline and give you a much needed pick-me-up has been on the rise. However, some would question the long-term effects of chronic use on the body. This study examines the findings of over fifty peer-reviewed articles studying the association of energy […]

depression with melancholia

Depression With Melancholia and TMS Therapy

The word melancholy conjures up a sad state of being that is bleak and cheerless. That state of being is also a common feature of major depressive disorder (MDD), so it may seem redundant to attach the word melancholia with depression, as in melancholic depression. While at first glance the term may appear to be […]

treatment plan for dysthymia

Treatment Plan for Dysthymia When SSRIs Fail

One of the most elusive and frustrating mental health disorders is dysthymia, also referred to as persistent depressive disorder. Basically, individuals who suffer from dysthymia are held hostage by key depression symptoms for more than two years. Many of these people experience impairment across various aspects of daily life, even potentially becoming debilitated by the […]