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Depression remains an enigma when it comes to finding the right mix of complementary treatment protocols.  Each individual afflicted with major depressive disorder (MDD) has his or her own unique biological, genetic, and environmental factors that have resulted in developing this serious condition.  Because of the variety of causal factors that can contribute to the MDD, finding the right treatment can take a little time to nail down.

The standard treatment protocol for MDD continues to be a combination of psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals, namely antidepressants.  After a thorough physical examination to rule out any medical condition that might be a contributing factor, a subsequent evaluation by a psychiatrist Huntington Beach is the next step.  The psychiatrist is responsible for making a clinical diagnosis and deciding which antidepressant is to be trialed. Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is provided by a clinical therapist, usually a master’s or doctoral level psychologist.

Antidepressants and Talk Therapy Sometimes Not Enough

While antidepressants and talk therapy can be effective in helping many patients suffering from depression, a significant number will not respond to this traditional treatment regimen.  For a large segment of the patients who are suffering from depression, 30%-50% are not responsive to the drugs, even after trialing several different antidepressants. Some who trial antidepressants will suspend the trial due to adverse side effects caused by the medication.

These treatment-resistant MDD patients may benefit from trying an alternative approach to treating the depression, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).  For patients who are experiencing some relief from the antidepressants, TMS can be used in tandem with the medication for an augmented depression therapy.

What is TMS?

TMS is a brain stimulation therapy that can be highly effective in treating MDD in patients what are treatment-resistant.  This is because in depressed patients, it has been found that the brain cell activity in the mood center of the brain, the limbic system, is underactive or even dormant.  This imbalance in brain chemistry can result in the symptoms of depression, such as severe fatigue and lethargy, low mood, sleep disturbances, and problems concentrating.

TMS uses magnetic fields that are delivered as repetitive pulses through a coil placed over the scalp. The resulting electrical current travels about 2 cm into the left prefrontal cortex of the brain, effectively stimulating, or “waking up” the sluggish brain cells.  TMS sessions over a period of 4-6 weeks can result in a rebalancing of brain chemistry.

How a TMS Expert and Psychiatrist Huntington Beach Can Treat Depression

The positive treatment results seen as more psychiatrists prescribe TMS therapy for their patients have made TMS an excellent ancillary therapy with the antidepressants.  For patients who have experienced a certain amount of success using the medications and can tolerate them, TMS therapy boosts the clinical results.

For patients who cannot tolerate the side effects of antidepressants, or who are treatment-resistant, TMS therapy as a stand alone treatment for depression has been clinically demonstrated, through dozens of trials and studies globally, to produce statistically significant symptom relief.

Is TMS Safe?

Study after study of TMS has demonstrated this electro-magnetic therapy to be both safe and effective for treating MDD.  Patients are fully alert during the 40-minute TMS therapy sessions, so there are none of the health risks associated with anesthesia.  TMS is shown to be well tolerated among patients, with only transient headache or scalp irritation reported.

Anew Era TMS Specialized TMS Psychiatrist Huntington Beach

Anew Era TMS specializes in providing TMS therapy for MDD patients who are either treatment-resistant or who seek more effective depression treatment with a combination of antidepressants and TMS therapy.   For more information about our TMS specialty and expert psychiatrist Huntington Beach, please contact Anew Era TMS today at (888) 503-1549.

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