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Depression is at an All-time High in America

There is a silent group suffering in the shadows of the American machine that struggle with a powerful nemesis known as major depression. The increase has been steady and on the rise for the last twenty years in this country. The demographics have skewed lower and lower impacting the youth of this nation. Due to […]

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Side Effects of Antidepressants and Alternative Treatment Options

When you seek out a doctor to get help for depression you hold out high hopes for that prescription they place in your hand. Antidepressants have been the core treatment solution for clinical depression for decades now. You hurry to the pharmacy and begin the trial, certain that these little pills will hold the key […]

Holistic Approach to Treatment Resistant Depression

Holistic Approach to Treatment Resistant Depression

As mounting evidence reveals the fact that antidepressants are not the one-stop fix for depression as was formerly thought, new hybrids of integrated treatment approaches are emerging. Science has shown that only 50%-70% of patients are responsive to antidepressant drug therapy, prompting mental health practitioners to consider innovative alternative options. Forging a new path to […]

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Treatment for Mental Health Austin, Texas

Maybe a recent event has left you saddled with stubborn depression symptoms. Perhaps a long ago trauma has haunted you, leaving you with persistent insomnia or interpersonal problems. Or maybe, out of nowhere, you have developed a panic disorder. Whatever the cause or outcome of the psychological problem, getting the professional expertise of a mental […]

Depression Causing Weight Gain

Depression Causing Weight Gain

It is hard enough facing each day feeling the effects of depression. Depression can leave you feeling depleted in spirit, absent of energy, and completely disheartened. But add weight gain to the scenario, which is a common symptom of depression, and now you feel both miserable and chubby. Changes in eating habits, along with fatigue […]

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Choosing TMS Over Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Someone who has struggled with depression for years is likely to be open to any treatment possibility that might offer some much sought after relief. In many cases, antidepressant drug therapy is either not effective at all, or may be only modestly effective in successfully alleviating depression symptoms. Leaving these treatment-resistant individuals to enduring ongoing […]

Does Aetna Insurance Cover TMS Therapy

Does Aetna Insurance Cover TMS Therapy?

TMS therapy is gaining traction as more and more people struggling with medication-resistant major depressive disorder (MDD) discover this safe and effective alternative treatment. Individuals who had suffered the effects of depression, but who found no relief from conventional antidepressant therapy, now have renewed hope with TMS therapy. As TMS therapy continues to achieve amazing […]

Programs for Veterans With PTSD

Programs for Veterans With PTSD

It has become a national tragedy. Our veterans are suffering from serious mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, substance use disorders, and depression at alarming rates. Recent suicide statistics reveal that on average about 20 suicides are completed daily, with the majority by veterans but some by active military personnel […]

Types of OCD

What Are the 5 Different Types of OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a mental health disorder included under the umbrella of anxiety disorders. OCD is characterized by recurrent thoughts based on fear, worry, or control, referred to as obsessions. These obsessive and irrational thoughts produce intense distress in the individual, leading them to respond by compulsive behaviors that help to mitigate the […]

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Different Therapies to Treat Depression

Depression is a complex and mysterious mental health disorder that continues to vex the psychiatric community. One patient might show dramatic improvement on a specific antidepressant, while another taking the same drug may experience no improvement at all. One form of psychotherapy may lead to amazing therapeutic breakthroughs with one patient, but that same psychotherapy […]