Depression Treatment Centers Orange County

Depression Treatment Centers Orange County

For too many people, depression has seeped into every nook and cranny of life, preventing them from experiencing the happiness and fulfillment they deserve.  Depression removes the color from life, leaving only the tones of somber gray.  All enthusiasm and joy seems to have vanished, and crushing fatigue can literally leave them feeling incapacitated on a daily basis.

Too often, those who attempt to get help for major depressive episodes are left frustrated.  Instead of finding relief from the debilitating symptoms, many find that antidepressant therapy is ineffective.  This disappointment only makes the depression worse, especially if the antidepressant therapy was not only unsuccessful in alleviating symptoms but also caused unpleasant side effects.

Finding a depression treatment center Orange County that offers a more customized approach to treatment for major depression is key to reclaiming the color in one’s world.  Depression centers that provide not only conventional treatment options but also offer alternative therapies are more effective in helping the client conquer depression and improve their quality of life.

Types of Therapy at Depression Treatment Centers Orange County

A treatment center dedicated to treating only depression and co-occurring anxiety can provide the targeted attention needed for individuals who suffer from persistent, medication-resistant major depression.  These types of outpatient programs can zero in on the individual’s unique composition of traits, medical history, and psychiatric history to formulate a personalized treatment plan.  No two people are alike, which is the belief behind these types of bespoke depression treatment centers Orange County.

A specialized depression center will offer a variety of evidence-based treatment methods, as well as holistic and alternative treatment methods, at their disposal.  Depression centers will staff psychiatrists, psychologists, and healthcare technicians to provide various treatment modalities, such as:

What is TMS Therapy for Depression Treatment?

The most exciting entry into the depression treatment arena in recent years is TMS therapy.  TMS is safe, FDA cleared, and a noninvasive brain stimulation therapy that is well-tolerated and highly effective in lifting depression that was not responsive to other interventions.  TMS does not involve the use of sedation, which dramatically reduces any health risks such as those associated with general anesthesia.

TMS therapy is based on simple mission.  In many patients with major depression, brain imaging has revealed that their brain cells, or neurotransmitters, have dramatically slowed or become basically dormant.  While it is unknown what causes this reduced activity, clinical studies have shown that by stimulating the brain cells located in the limbic system, many of the symptoms of depression will lift.

How Does TMS Therapy Work?

TMS uses technology that is similar to an MRI, with repetitive magnetic pulses applied to the scalp, targeting the left prefrontal cortex where the limbic system, or mood regulator, is located.  During the 40-minute treatment sessions, clients relax in a comfortable chair and watch TV, or listen to music, podcasts, or digital books to pass the time.  As the magnetic pulses penetrate the scalp they induce an electrical current in the brain.  This current will incrementally stimulate the sluggish brain cells and eventually correct the imbalance in brain chemistry.

After 4-6 weeks of daily TMS therapy sessions, patients experience noticeable improvements in a variety of the depression symptoms.  Where depression made them chronically fatigued, they may notice dramatically improved energy levels.  Depression may have caused disrupted sleep, and now their sleep quality is improved.  Instead of feeling unfocused and struggling to concentrate, now they feel more alert.  Most importantly, where depression had colored their days gray with persistent low mood, by the end of the TMS treatment regimen many will rediscover color in their life.

Anew Era TMS Depression Treatment Center Orange County

Anew Era TMS of Huntington Beach, California, is an outpatient program dedicated to treating depression and co-occurring anxiety disorders using a combination of TMS and other proven therapies.  Anew Era TMS provides the highest standard of excellence, with doctors and technicians dedicated to improving client’s lives.  To learn more about TMS or to see if you are a candidate for it, please contact Anew Era TMS at (888) 503-1549.

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