TMS Therapy Near Me

TMS Therapy Near Me

Locating TMS Therapy Near Me (You) in California

When depression causes one gray day to blend into another, life can become bleak and hopeless.  Even if you have sought treatment for a persistent bout of depression, the antidepressants may not have conquered the symptoms, or even made a dent.  To add salt to the wound, the side effects caused by the drugs left you with weight gain and decreased libido.

Just when you think there is no solution to your major depressive disorder (MDD), an alternative therapy may be the hero in finally slaying it.  Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is proving to be highly effective in helping patients with MDD where antidepressants failed.

In fact, according to a recent article from the UCLA Brain Research Institute, the lead researcher, Dr. Ian Cook, expressed great enthusiasm for TMS therapy.  States Cook, “We are actually changing how the brain circuits are arranged, how they talk to each other.  The brain is an amazingly changeable organ. In fact, every time people learn something new, there are physical changes in the brain structure that can be detected.”

If you are struggling with chronic MDD and haven’t found relief through medications, why not consider the safe, noninvasive TMS therapy?

What is TMS Therapy Near Me?

TMS therapy is a relative newcomer to the depression treatment landscape, having been FDA cleared in 2008 to treat medication resistant depression.  Already, a multitude of clinical studies globally have shown that TMS is not only a safe alternative for treating depression, but is highly effective as well.

TMS is a brain stimulation technique that utilizes electro-magnetic currents to “wake up” the mood center of the brain, called the limbic system.  Using magnetic pulses that are delivered through a coil placed over the targeted area on the scalp, TMS penetrates brain tissue and stimulates dormant brain cells in the prefrontal cortex.  Over a series of therapy sessions, TMS can reset brain chemistry, resulting in improvements in the patient’s concentration levels, sleep quality, energy level, and overall mood.

What to Expect with TMS Therapy Near Me?

A typical TMS therapy regimen will involve five daily treatments of 40 minutes each for 4-6 weeks to obtain optimal results.  During the TMS sessions you will be completely alert, as there is no sedation needed.  You will be seated comfortably and the doctor will determine the positioning of the coil and strength of the magnetic pulses.  Patients can listen to their favorite music or podcasts during the therapy, which helps pass time and reduce the sound of the treatment.

After the TMS therapy is completed, you will be able to return to your normal daily activities immediately, as there is no down time needed.  TMS is very well tolerated and has few adverse effects.  Some of the ones reported involved some irritation on the scalp where the pulses are delivered, and others reported mild to moderate headaches.  Both of these, however, resolve spontaneously as the therapy proceeds over time, with no medical intervention needed.

How Effective is TMS Therapy Near Me?

Approximately 60 clinical studies have been conducted globally, testing the safety and efficacy of TMS for treating depression that was unresponsive to antidepressant drug therapy.  The majority of the double-blind placebo-controlled trials have demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in the depression measurement scales used before and after the trial, such as the Hamilton Depression Scale.  For example, a meta-analysis of TMS clinical trials shows a response rate of 46.2% vs. the placebo (sham) group of 22.1%.

Anew Era TMS Leading Provider of TMS Therapy Near Me

Anew Era TMS is an Orange County, Southern California-based TMS provider that offers this promising therapy for patients suffering from the effects of treatment-resistant MDD. The doctors and technicians at Anew Era TMS are dedicated to providing patients with real results—depression symptom relief in a safe, healing environment.  For more information about this exciting technology, please contact Anew Era TMS today at (888) 503-1549.

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