antidepressant withdrawal symptoms

Depression is at an All-time High in America

There is a silent group suffering in the shadows of the American machine that struggle with a powerful nemesis known as major depression. The increase has been steady and on the rise for the last twenty years in this country. The demographics have skewed lower and lower impacting the youth of this nation. Due to […]

side effects of antidepressants

Side Effects of Antidepressants and Alternative Treatment Options

When you seek out a doctor to get help for depression you hold out high hopes for that prescription they place in your hand. Antidepressants have been the core treatment solution for clinical depression for decades now. You hurry to the pharmacy and begin the trial, certain that these little pills will hold the key […]

different therapies to treat depression

Different Therapies to Treat Depression

Depression is a complex and mysterious mental health disorder that continues to vex the psychiatric community. One patient might show dramatic improvement on a specific antidepressant, while another taking the same drug may experience no improvement at all. One form of psychotherapy may lead to amazing therapeutic breakthroughs with one patient, but that same psychotherapy […]

crippling depression symptoms

Treating Crippling Depression Symptoms With TMS

Depression is a complex and mysterious mental health disorder that affects over 16 million U.S. adults each year. While in some cases the advent of a depressive episode may be linked to distressing life events, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, or a serious medical diagnosis, it is just as […]

options when antidepressants don't work

Options When Antidepressants Don’t Work

Major depressive disorder can hit hard, its debilitating symptoms boring in and impacting every facet of a person’s life. This severe depression bears a distinct difference from the occasional bout of the blues following a difficult life event, such as a romantic breakup, loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one. While […]

antidepressant side effects comparison

Antidepressant Side Effects Comparison to TMS Therapy

What can be more frustrating than suffering day in and day out with persistent depression, only to find no intervention that seems to work? With one antidepressant trial after another, not only did they not relieve the awful symptoms of depression, but instead were rife with highly unpleasant side effects. It is no wonder that […]

depression with melancholia

Depression With Melancholia and TMS Therapy

The word melancholy conjures up a sad state of being that is bleak and cheerless. That state of being is also a common feature of major depressive disorder (MDD), so it may seem redundant to attach the word melancholia with depression, as in melancholic depression. While at first glance the term may appear to be […]

treatment plan for dysthymia

Treatment Plan for Dysthymia When SSRIs Fail

One of the most elusive and frustrating mental health disorders is dysthymia, also referred to as persistent depressive disorder. Basically, individuals who suffer from dysthymia are held hostage by key depression symptoms for more than two years. Many of these people experience impairment across various aspects of daily life, even potentially becoming debilitated by the […]

Newest Treatments For Drug Resistant Depression

You have already spent the past four months trialing three different antidepressants, none of which offered any relief for you stubborn case of depression. It is taxing, to say the least, to continue to hope for success each time a new drug is trialed, only to have hope dashed yet again. To make matters worse, […]

Depression Medication Side Effects

Say Goodbye to Depression Medication Side Effects

If you watch television you are well aware of the onslaught of commercials promoting pharmaceuticals, the ones that can barely squeeze the long list of side effects into the 60-second spots. Of course, truth in advertising and FDA requirements ensure that potential side effects of a drug are cited. Even so, when someone is suffering […]