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Treatment for Mental Health Austin, Texas

Maybe a recent event has left you saddled with stubborn depression symptoms. Perhaps a long ago trauma has haunted you, leaving you with persistent insomnia or interpersonal problems. Or maybe, out of nowhere, you have developed a panic disorder. Whatever the cause or outcome of the psychological problem, getting the professional expertise of a mental health professional is the first step in changing one’s life for the better.

Life is hard enough without slogging through it with the added baggage of depression or an anxiety disorder. Since we all struggle with getting stuck in an emotional rut, sometimes just bouncing the troubling situation off a neutral party can help gain a fresh perspective and new insights. We are rarely, if ever, able to see our own issues objectively. That is where getting professional treatment for mental health Austin, Texas comes in. That extra set of ears and eyes that can help us navigate our emotional landscape far more effectively than on our own.

So what exactly is involved in mental health treatment? What are the new treatments and trends in this corner of the overall wellness field? What is to be expected when seeing a therapist? For answers to these questions and more, please read on.

Why Our Mental Health Matters

Most of us will rush off to the doctor when the signs of a health problem crop up, but when it comes to a mood problem or chronic worry and stress we’ll send those to the back burner. What is being ignored in doing that is the important mind-body connection. Each of these aspects of our health impacts the other, so when one is misfiring it affects the other one. Our mental health issues are just as important as physical health in helping us achieve optimum wellness.

It is a fact. A mental health condition has the potential to hurt our immune systems, leaving us more vulnerable to disease or chronic medical conditions. Depression can lead to weight gain and insomnia, both of which can cause multiple health problems. Chronic anxiety can lead to heart disease and digestive issues. It is simply impossible to separate the mind-body connection.

What Disorders Are Treated by Mental Health Providers?

When seeking treatment for mental health Austin, Texas it helps to learn is a particular provider specializes in a specific area of mental health. Psychiatric services cover a wide range of conditions, and it is fairly common to find practitioners who specialize in areas of mental health treatment such as depression or anxiety disorders. Some may specialize in personality disorders, where others specialize in behavioral health. Treatment is available for the following mental health disorders:

What Are the Most Effective Treatment Methods?

The particular diagnosis, as well as the unique features that accompany that diagnosis, will determine treatment for a mental health condition. The psychiatrist will usually place at the center of the treatment plan both medication and psychotherapy. The medication can help alleviate symptoms to a degree, which helps improve daily functioning, and the psychotherapy allows the patient to examine and process underlying emotional issues.

In addition to these basic treatment interventions, adjunctive therapies are often added to the plan. For example, individuals struggling with a trauma disorder may benefit from eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) in addition to the exposure-focused psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Someone with major depressive disorder may not experience much relief from antidepressants so adding transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to the plan may be highly beneficial.

More About TMS Therapy

TMS therapy is a noninvasive brain stimulation therapy that directs magnetic energy toward the brain cells in the mood center of the brain. By manipulating these neurons through direct electromagnetic stimulation, brain chemistry is recalibrated leading to a reduction in the symptoms of depression and co-occurring anxiety.

TMS is a safe and effective alternative to antidepressant drug therapy. The treatments are well tolerated by patients, and improvements in symptoms can be experienced after just a couple of weeks. There is no anesthesia used, no surgical procedures, and no recovery time necessary. TMS therapy offers individuals with medication-resistant depression renewed hope of living a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Anew Era TMS Mental Health Austin, Texas

Anew Era TMS is a leading provider of TMS therapy for treating depression and other mental health conditions. The expert TMS professionals are dedicated to helping patients restore psychological wellness and vitality when antidepressants have failed to help. Tending to one’s mental health Austin, Texas is the key to improving overall quality of life, and Anew Era TMS can be instrumental in helping individuals achieve it. For more information about how TMS therapy can help you, please reach out to the team at Anew Era TMS today at (888) 986-0680.


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