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Living With Chronic Depression and TMS Treatment

Another dark day.  Each unproductive, dismal day blends into the next with no relief in sight for those who suffer from the effects of chronic depression.  The battle with major depressive disorder (MDD) can take a toll over time, impacting relationships, careers, and general health.  But it seems no matter which drug or combination of drugs are prescribed to treat the MDD, the persistent depression symptoms remain unfazed.

When no medication seems to touch the debilitating symptoms of depression, it is a good time to consider alternative measures.   Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is an excellent starting point when all else has failed.  Chronic depression, and TMS treatment to slay it, can finally be kicked to the curb.

Persistent Chronic Depression and TMS Treatment

Approximately 17 million adults in the U.S. struggle with a major depressive episode each year, and 64% of them have a severe impairment, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.  Living with depression impacts various areas of daily functioning, including:

  • Eating and sleeping habits
  • Extreme fatigue and malaise making it difficult to participate in activities once enjoyed
  • Concentration and memory problems which impact the ability to work
  • Low mood and despairing thoughts that affect all relationships

When an individual with chronic depression cannot find relief through the usual means of antidepressant therapy and psychotherapy, they are diagnosed with treatment or medication-resistant depression.  Because antidepressants are effective in only about half the patients who are treated with them, this means a large number of patients continue to suffer.

TMS Therapy can offer a remedy for persistent MDD.  This safe, noninvasive treatment has been demonstrating excellent results for those medication-resistant individuals, finally alleviating the depression symptoms.  TMS has been extensively tested for over a decade through a multitude of clinical trials and studies, where it is yielding statistically significant treatment results.

Brain Chemistry of Chronic Depression and TMS Treatment Resets It

TMS works by using magnetic fields that travel through the skull and reach into the area of the brain responsible for decision-making, regulating emotions and mood, motivation, and various behaviors, which is called the limbic system.  As the magnetic pulses penetrate this brain region, electrical currents are induced which then stimulate the brain neurons that have become underactive or dormant.  This sluggish brain cell activity is a common feature among depressed patients.

Over a 4-6 week period of daily TMS treatments the brain chemistry begins to normalize, being effectively reset through the electromagnetic stimulation.  As this brain chemistry rebalances, the individual will begin to experience fewer and fewer symptoms of depression.  Typically, by the end of the TMS treatment regimen, patients feel increased energy and focus, as well as improved mood and sleep quality.

Is TMS Therapy Safe?

Study after study continues to demonstrate that TMS therapy for medication-resistant MDD is both safe and effective.  According to the authors of a large study published in 2008 in the journal, Clinical Psychiatry, “TMS was associated with a low incidence of adverse events that were mild to moderate in intensity and demonstrated a largely predictable time course of resolution.”  These side effects were limited to such events as scalp tenderness or headache, each of which were transient.

Because TMS is noninvasive, it does not carry the health risks associated with general anesthesia.  Patients are able to sit comfortably during the sessions, fully alert, and then return to their daily activities immediately following the treatment.

Anew Era TMS Treats Chronic Depression and TMS Treatment Is Therapy of Choice

Anew Era TMS is a top provider of TMS therapy in Southern California.  With most health insurance carriers now covering TMS therapy for medication-resistant MDD, it has become a viable treatment option for thousands of individuals seeking relief from chronic depression.  Anew Era TMS offers a full range of depression treatment measures, and specializes in TMS therapy.  For more information about this exciting treatment, please contact Anew Era TMS today at (888) 503-1549.

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